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I live in a college annex - can my carnations be delivered to the annex rather than the college?

As long as you have a pigeon hole then we will deliver to any annex. We are in the process of adding annexes to the order form. If your annex is not listed on the order form then please contact us and we will add it ASAP.

What colours do I need?

For your first exam you should wear a white carnation and for your very last exam you should wear a red carnation. For all exams in between wear a pink carnation.

How much does it cost?

Each carnation costs 2.00 and this includes delivery straight to your pigeon hole as well as a pin to attach the carnation to your gown. Much better value than the shops (in our opinion anyway!).

When will I receive my carnations?

Deliveries are made every Sunday and Wednesday, throughout the Trinity Term exam period. You will receive your carnation by 6pm on the chosen date of delivery.

How long will my carnations last?

A carnation will last between one and two weeks.  We get hold of the carnations before their buds open so that we can deliver them to you as soon as they have budded. This ensures that you receive the longest lifespan available from your carnation.

How many carnations do I need?

Everyone will need at least one white, one pink and one red carnation. For those sitting a significant number of exams, you may need to order more than one pick carnation, particularly if your exams are spread out.

If you have any further questions please contact us.

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